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Find the Account that Fits You Best

Saving up for a big-ticket item or working to build an emergency fund? Let Community Point Bank help you realize your savings goals with our competitive-interest-rate savings accounts. Traditional savings accounts are a great way to tuck away funds for a rainy day or reach a long-term savings goal. And with our Christmas Club Account, you can enjoy holiday gift giving without regret or incurring big debt.

If you are interested in starting a savings or Christmas Club account with Community Point Bank, or if you’d like more information on our current bank rates, please stop in or contact any of our locations today! For more detailed information on the different types of banking accounts Community Point Bank offers, see our Disclosures page.


Savings Account

Opening balance: $5.00

A designated savings account(s) can help you reach your financial goals faster. With a small deposit of just $5.00, you can start saving right away.

Once your account is set up, automatic transfers can be made between your checking and savings accounts and even at the ATM (with the appropriate settings enabled). For more information on how to set up these features, please contact us.

See our Disclosures page to learn more about our accounts.

Christmas Club Savings Account

Opening a Christmas Club account at Community Point Bank is a smart way to save for short-term financial goals like upcoming holiday expenses or your taxes!

With a Christmas Club account, you can start putting money aside early so you’ll have the funds in plenty of time to prepare for your holiday shopping. You can even choose to have money auto-deposited into one of your Community Point Bank accounts.

  • *Visit our Disclosures page for more information on our accounts.

"A penny saved is a penny earned." - Benjamin Franklin