Debit Card Services

Report a Lost or Stolen Debit Card

Please call Community Point Bank immediately if you believe your debit card has been lost or stolen. After business hours, contact Shazam directly at 1-800-383-8000.

Debit Cards

Do you prefer the ease and convenience of a debit card for your everyday purchases? Community Point Bank offers Mastercard® debit cards to help speed up your payment process.
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Identity Theft Resolution Services

Your CPB MasterCard® debit card benefits include Identity Theft Resolution Services at no additional costs!  To learn more about this valuable benefit, including how to set up identity theft alerts, please call 1-800-MC-ASSIST (1-800-622-7747). To request a printed guide to benefits, call 573-782-3881.

Shazam® Privileged Services

Did you know you can enjoy expanded ATM access with no surcharge fees?

In an effort to minimize your fees, Community Point Bank joined the Privileged Status® program, a group of independent, community financial institutions, to provide you with a no-surcharge guarantee. Click for additional details.


Shazam debit card users can access balance information anytime through their Apple® iPhone®, Android device or personal computer with the SHAZAM BRELLATM Mobile App. This app also allows cardholders to set alarms that alert the user to any suspicious or unusual charges. If a transaction occurs that meets the alert criteria, the cardholder will receive a SHAZAM BrellaTM notification so they can take quick action if the transaction is, in fact, fraudulent.

Our Shazam BrellaTM app also allows cardholders to block and unblock their own debit cards. Cardholders can pause the use of their card with the quick tap of a button without affecting their previous transactions if their card is stolen or goes missing.

The transaction control feature allows for transaction level blocks such as:

  • Transactions over a specific dollar amount
  • Internet and phone transactions
  • Transactions outside of the U.S.


This fast and simple security feature increases safety when using your debit card. It not only gives cardholders peace of mind, but also saves them the hassle of updating automatic payment information. This enhancement to SHAZAM BrellaTM makes this app a must have for our cardholders.

Download SHAZAM BrellaTM for free from the Apple App Store, Google Play store or by logging into

Click here for more instruction on downloading and using the Shazam BrellaTM app and setting up debit card alerts.