What Is an Environmentally Friendly Bank?

As businesses work to become more sustainable, environmentally friendly banks must become the norm.

While we all want to do what is best for the planet, it can be hard to know where to start. You may recycle, compost food waste, carpool to work and turn up your thermostat when you leave the house, but maybe you are looking for other ways to make your life more sustainable. If […]

Are Online-only Banks Worth It?

Whether you prefer an online-only or a traditional brick-and-mortar bank, there are many digital tools at your disposal.

As technology has changed every aspect of our daily lives, we have found ways to move traditional services, including banking, to a completely digital space. There has been a steady increase in mobile and online banking over the last decade.

Four Financial Resolutions for the New Year You Can Keep

As you wrap up this year and look toward the next, you can begin to dream about what the new year will hold. What do you want to accomplish next year? What are some of your biggest goals?  It feels like a chance to start fresh, which is why so many people create New Year’s […]

What Is Financial Independence and How Do I Achieve It?

As you map out your financial goals for the future, you may have come across the term “financial independence.” But what is financial independence? Fiscal freedom can look different for everyone. You can search high and low to answer the question “what is financial independence?” and not find the same explanation. However, one aspect is […]

What Is a Financial Emergency? 5 Financial Emergency Examples

Developing attainable financial goals is one of the best ways to set yourself up for future success. Budgets and retirement savings are a few financial goals that can help you gain more control over your money. However, what are you supposed to do when your financial situation is out of your control? You can plan […]

Banking Service Guide: How Do Safe Deposit Boxes Work, and Should I Use One?

At some point, we all start to accumulate important documents and valuable items that need to be kept secure. If you want a safe space to keep invaluable things, you don’t have to install a huge, heavy safe in your home. Instead, you can take these essentials to your local bank to find a secure […]

Filing Taxes 2023: How Do I File Taxes for My First Job?

As you begin a new year, you get a chance for a fresh start in many aspects of your life. This time is a moment for self-improvement and setting goals. It’s a chance to dream a little bit about what the next 12 months have in store for you. Everyone has to deal with one […]

National Financial Planning Month: 4 Ways You Can Plan For Financial Success

piggy bank and coins

Every day you make a lot of decisions. One study found that the average adult makes 122 informed choices every day. While some decisions, like your attire for the day or meal of choice, may seem insignificant, others can set you on a course for long-term financial success or failure. The best way to ensure […]

4 Tips for How to Save Money Fast

shopping cart and coins

There’s a tried-and-true formula for how to save money fast, and it consists of three major components: strategy, sacrifice and sustainability.