Prevention Tips: Quishing, the New Phishing

QR codes seem to be everywhere. You may have scanned one to see the menu at a restaurant or pay for public parking. You may have used one on your phone to get into a concert or sporting event or to board a flight. There are countless other ways to use them, which explains their […]

Elder Financial Abuse: How to Protect the Elderly from Exploitation

Helping protect against elder financial abuse

If you find it hard to imagine that someone would target a senior citizen with a financial scam, you’re not alone. Who would do such a thing? Sadly, recent consumer protection data and financial exploitation statistics suggest that elder financial abuse is happening all over the country, and that scam artists who personally know the […]

8 Ways to Prevent Identity Theft

A padlock and key sit next to a laptop to represent identity theft prevention

The internet is a quick and easy way to get a lot of information, communicate with others and stream or download your favorite media. Tasks such as online bill payment and instantly checking your bank account have never been more convenient.  Unfortunately, the internet has also created an easy route for hackers and thieves to […]

Pros and Cons of Online Banking and Bill Pay

Woman sitting in park takes a picture of a check with her phone for mobile deposit

Having your money in a secure space is a great feeling, offering peace of mind and confidence. For centuries, we have trusted banks to keep our finances safe. Now, many of these institutions have online functionality that has changed the way we interact with them and manage our money. Is online banking a useful (and […]