What Are Hidden Retirement Costs?

Whether you’re five weeks away from retirement or 50 years removed from getting your golden watch, you want to be completely prepared when you clock out for the final time. While you diligently plan, save and invest to be ready, hidden costs may lurk under your pristine retirement budget. At Community Point Bank, we want […]

What Is Financial Independence and How Do I Achieve It?

As you map out your financial goals for the future, you may have come across the term “financial independence.” But what is financial independence? Fiscal freedom can look different for everyone. You can search high and low to answer the question “what is financial independence?” and not find the same explanation. However, one aspect is […]

Investment and Risk: What You Need to Know

If you’re looking to save for retirement or have another substantial financial goal, setting aside money in a savings account is a great start, but it may not yield the returns you need. This could lead you to explore a variety of investment options to see where you can put your money to work. While […]

How to Save for Retirement – A Quick Guide

“A new job is like a blank book and you are the author.” – Unknown As you start your first full-time job, many opportunities open up. You get a chance to put all the hours you spent studying, training and developing your craft into practice. It’s exciting to start setting your goals and think about […]

Why Is an Emergency Savings Account Important?

Why Is an Emergency Savings Account Important?

Life can be unexpected. Accidents, emergencies and repairs never come at a good time. Even if you plan for your financial future, sometimes you will have an expense you didn’t anticipate.  Many people are unprepared for urgent pop-up expenses. About 56% of Americans can’t pay for an unexpected $1,000 bill with their current savings, according […]

Can I Retire Early? 5 Signs You’re Ready

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Social Security benefits may not kick in before age 62, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay in the workforce until then. If you’re a disciplined saver, planner and budgeter, you may very well be able to retire early. 

Elder Financial Abuse: How to Protect the Elderly from Exploitation

Helping protect against elder financial abuse

If you find it hard to imagine that someone would target a senior citizen with a financial scam, you’re not alone. Who would do such a thing? Sadly, recent consumer protection data and financial exploitation statistics suggest that elder financial abuse is happening all over the country, and that scam artists who personally know the […]